Free Linux Training

Free Online Linux Training for novice and advanced users.  Learning to use Linux can be fun and exciting, however it can also be difficult and confusing.  I’m going to give you the steps necessary to install and use Linux, whether for fun or professionally.

Choose from the course below:


These courses are intended to give you a solid foundation in using Linux.   Courses listed here are ideal for absolute beginners.

Course 1 – An introduction to Linux

This course covers basic PC concepts, knowledge, and other prerequisites so you can get started using Linux smoothly.  Partitioning, BIOS, LiveCDs, Virtual Machines and more!

Course 2 – Installing and using Linux

This course covers installing and using Linux as a desktop user.  Installation and setup for both Virtual Box and Dual Boot is covered.

Course 3 – Installing Additional Software

Installing 3rd-party software is very different in Linux than other desktop software.


These courses are intended to teach you more advanced Linux operating system fundamentals.

Course 4 – Linux under the hood

Learn more about the Linux File System’s structure, how the system boots, and all about libraries.

Course 5 – Command Line Operations

Learn fundamental Linux Command Line Skills.

Course 6 – Basic Linux System Administration

Covers networking and a variety of often-seen and often-used scenarios and setups that you may encounter.


These courses are intended to introduce you to Linux Server Administration.

Course 7 – Linux Servers

Learn how to install Apache Web Server, setup iptables, network configuration, and static routes.

Course 8 – Advanced System Administration

Cron jobs, ACLs, automated backups, system security.


Course 9 – Samba and NFS

Setup Samba and NFS shares, and join your Linux server to an Active Directory Domain

Course 10 – KVM Virtualization

Install KVM/Qemu hypervisor software, create and manage VMs.


Course 11 – KVM Shared Storage

Course 12 – High Availability Services

  • satish bodake

    I want to learn how to host website using ubuntu server

    • Mike

      Satish, the easiest way to host a website using Linux is to sign up for a VPS (virtual private server).

  • Hakim


    How can access the courses ? Thanks


    • Mike

      They are still a work in progress. Thank you.

  • ozy

    How can I open course 10

    • Mike

      These course are a work in progress and will become available as I complete them.

  • Andrey Shabrin

    It seems that work has stopped…