About Us

Fun With Linux is currently my platform for releasing tutorials, sharing information I find interesting, and helping others within the Linux community.  While I’m not an expert by any means, I do have quite a bit of experience in different areas of application development and deployment, and hope to share that information with others.

This website is supported by me personally.  I have placed throughout the site various advertisements that I feel may be useful for my readers.  These advertisements are not necessarily an endorsement for those products, but will have at minimum a 3.5 star review rating.  Any purchase made through Amazon after clicking one of their advertisements goes towards supporting this site, not just the products that are specifically here.  Thank you for your consideration, and toleration of the dirty ads :) (though I do highly recommend Amazon.com and use them quite frequently for personal shopping).

From time to time, I’ll also be reviewing distros, software, websites, books, and other related Linux materials.  If you have something you would like to share, please drop me a line at: mike@funwithlinux.net

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    When I open up your Feed it appears to be to be a ton of garbage, is the problem on my side?

    • http://www.zipref.net Mike

      The feed is viewable from http://funwithlinux.net/feed/
      It is an XML file, and is designed to be read by a feed-reader. The Opera Browser has this built in, some other browsers just display the XML file in text.

  • http://www.yahoo.com/d627eb90daa94b5f376354adf7626c83ffb55318 source

    The structure for your blog is a little bit off in Epiphany. Nevertheless I like your weblog. I might need to install a normal web browser just to enjoy it.

  • Adam Jarosz

    its very important to teach ppl to have fun with linux.
    My DuckDuck of “linux fun” brought me here.