Linux Cloud Technologies 2013

  Build the cloud on Linux!  This year looks very promising for Linux when it comes to building your private cloud using open source technologies.  Finally, Linux-based software and application

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Linux Cloud Technologies 2013

Deploying Apache Virtual Hosts using Puppet on CentOS 6

by on October 13, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Scaling a website to serve thousands or even tens of thousands of users simultaneously is a challenge often best tackled by horizontal scaling – distributing workloads across dozens or even hundreds of servers. As a tool for preparing servers for that task, Puppet offers low deployment costs, ease of use, and automated configuration management.

After a successful deployment of a new hardware farm, how can you assure a static configuration across your entire environment? Puppet addresses that problem. Let’s see how to install Puppet and use it to deploy, as an example, an Apache web server virtual host on CentOS 6. This tutorial shows how to deploy virtual hosts on only one server, but the same steps can be replicated to manage many servers. I’ll assume you’re familiar with the Linux command line, basic networking concepts, and using Apache.


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