Linux Cloud Technologies 2013

  Build the cloud on Linux!  This year looks very promising for Linux when it comes to building your private cloud using open source technologies.  Finally, Linux-based software and application

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Linux Cloud Technologies 2013

Juniper Network Connect Linux Mint Debian 64bit

by on September 29, 2012 at 9:02 pm

I spent the better part of 1-2 hours trying to install Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN software on my machine.  Reason being is that JNC doesn’t natively support x86_64 Java or libraries.  Much of the info online is either out-dated, requires you to run someone’s lengthy hand-written script (no thanks), or just plain wrong.

Here’s everything you need to get JNC running on Linux Mint Debian Edition.  This install assumes a cleanly installed system with packages up to date, and will likely run on similar systems (Debian, Ubuntu, etc).  I’m running Xfce as my desktop, but it should work for all major desktops.


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Debian 7 Wheezy testing

by on September 7, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Well, I had been putting it off for some time, but I finally installed Debian testing, aka “Wheezy.”

There are rumors on the internet about this shipping with Xfce to fit on a single CD, however I downloaded and installed the latest weekly build, and it indeed came with Gnome 3.  In my case, I installed the OS into Virtual Box.  Gnome 3 failed to launch, and I only had the fail safe mode.  On Fedora 17, I get the full Gnome 3 desktop with the same settings in Virtual Box, which leads me to believe Fedora might be using a newer package or better VM video drivers.

I think Gnome 3 is a step in the wrong direction for Linux, and I’ll be majorly happy if Debian indeed switches to Xfce for desktop use.

As far as the installation of the OS goes, it’s pretty straight forward, much the same as Squeeze.  A few minor changes, and a very ugly pink loading bar.  It’s not ugly strictly because it’s pink, just that it doesn’t fit with the other colors of the screen.  I know this is fickle, but just my opinion ;)


Anyway, if you actually read this and found it helpful, I’m glad :)

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